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    Our commitment to every customer, regardless of what kind of vehicle they drive, is unwavering. Providing the highest level of service is something we take pride in as a company. Additionally, we provide a personal touch to your service. You know who to call if you want a friendly face regarding car repairs.

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    The materials and spare parts we use for car repairs are. Your car should have parts that meet or exceed safety and performance requirements. Moreover, we invest in the latest tools and diagnostic software specially designed for your vehicle type and software.

    We Uphold the Highest Professional Standards

    VA Auto Service services a variety of vehicles. Our goal is to resolve your issue to the best of our ability. Every vehicle that comes into our garage is handled by our experienced and skilled mechanics and technicians. Repairs and maintenance work performed by them will not cause you any complaints.

    State Approved Inspection Station

    About VA Auto Repair

    VA AUTO SERVICE OF FAIRFAX INC is a full-service auto repair shop. Guinea Rd, Fairfax, VA is a great location in Northern Virginia! We are a family-owned and run auto repair shop with over 20 years of expertise in the industry. Our objective is to provide superior quality service at a fair cost to our consumers. For all domestic and imported cars, we provide scheduled service to retain your warranty, repairs, tire service, and wheel alignment. We’re also a Virginia-approved car emissions and safety inspection center.

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