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An automobile battery typically lasts three years before it starts to fail. Few things can cause batteries to last for less time, increasing the need for your car batteries service in Fairfax, Virginia.

Your vehicle’s battery will be drained by things like making an excessive number of short trips, driving in temperatures that are above 100 degrees Fahrenheit or below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, and having loose or corroded battery cables.

Has your car battery been tested to see whether it needs a replacement if it has been three years or more since its installation?

To avoid being stranded, we advise being proactive.

Better Safe Than Sorry!

There are various causes of car battery failure. Lack of use, extremely hot or cold conditions, corrosion on the battery contacts, battery case damage, and leaving the lights on too long are a few of these. The list continues.

Here are some warning indications that it’s time for a replacement if you think your car battery is in its last stage:

Your battery is more than three years old, your engine cranks slowly, in bad weather, it takes extra effort to start your car, it has lain vacant for a while now. The battery indicator light on your dashboard or the battery case appears to be fractured and bulging.

If you see the metal portion of the battery is covered in a material that resembles ash, it isn’t good news either. You should go for a car batteries service in Fairfax, Virginia, at a low cost.

So, what should you do now?

Call VA auto service if you discover your car’s battery is dead. We take satisfaction in quickly getting the car back on the road.

Our group of A-Class mechanics will be on hand at the location where your vehicle is parked. Utilizing the most recent battery tester, they will examine the battery’s condition to better identify the nature of the issue (whether a jump start is required or a new battery replacement is to be done). They will be able to identify the real battery issue thanks to this car battery diagnostic testing.

When looking for the best car battery diagnostic texting and replacement, accessibility is crucial. No matter what time of day it is, we’ll arrive right away with a new, warrantied battery.

Our skilled and knowledgeable specialists will ensure your car’s proper battery installation. Get our car batteries service in Fairfax, Virginia, by carefully checking the battery’s specifications before replacing it to provide an adequate power supply is present.

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