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Until a power steering issue makes your steering wheel difficult to turn or a suspension issue makes your entire vehicle challenging to manage, your steering and suspension systems cooperate to keep your tires on the road and your car in check.

It ruins your driving experience.

You feel your vehicle suspension isn’t alright when your ride gets tough. Does your car make too strong of a lean into turns? When you accelerate, does the back of your car drag? When you brake, does the front create a notable dive? Those are the driving signs of worn-out suspension. Get our steering suspension repair service in Fairfax, Virginia, at affordable prices

You Can See And Hear Them!

There are some audible and visible signs you shouldn’t ignore like Your car has a lower-slung corner than the others.

A broken spring is likely. Take a bounce test. Lean your whole weight against the front of your parked car and then swiftly drive away to determine if your vehicle passes the test.

Think about your shocks and struts if the car bounces more than twice. “Cupping” refers to the distinctive, asymmetric wear pattern in your tire treads.

You notice wear, grease, or oil on your shocks or struts. You can hear squeaking, especially when braking or turning. This is when you require a steering suspension repair service in Fairfax, Virginia.

You might need a power steering repair too

Typical indications of a power steering issue include: A loose drive belt may squeal, and a defective power steering pump may clatter, both of which can be heard when rotating the steering wheel.

Variation in steering reaction: A malfunctioning power steering pump may also be indicated by a stiff or slow-moving steering wheel.

A loose belt or a worn-out power steering pulley may cause a vibrating steering wheel. Low or contaminated power steering fluid A malfunctioning power steering pump or oxidation in the power steering fluid lines can be indicated by metal flakes, bubbles, or oxidation.

We Are Here!

Our VA auto technicians will thoroughly inspect The steering, suspension, and other potential reasons for your car’s handling issues.

We’ll take the time to review the state of your vehicle with you and let you know which repairs are necessary (and which can wait).

Before starting any repairs, we discuss the best solutions for your budget and give you a written quote.

Some symptoms of steering and suspension issues are hidden brake and tire issues. Therefore, check your tire pressure and tread depth at the first sign of trouble.

Four tires that are correctly inflated and, preferably, have the same tread life and age will operate with your suspension. Make an appointment for a steering suspension repair service in Fairfax, Virginia, if maintaining proper tire pressure doesn’t resolve the issue.

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