Your tires may become out of alignment over time or suddenly out of alignment due to events like running over a curb or puddle. Get the best wheel alignment service​ in Fairfax, Virginia.

Please Don’t Ignore
Please Don’t Ignore
Please Don’t Ignore

You can experience your car dragging to one side of the road if your tires are out of alignment.

Tires that are out of alignment not only put your safety on the road at risk but also wear out much more quickly.

This implies that you will have to pay to replace your tires far before the end of their useful lives.

Following your car’s manufacturer guidelines, a wheel alignment service​ in Fairfax, Virginia, will reposition your tires to be as safe as possible and reduce tire wear.

If your steering seems off, is dragging to one side, or if your tires are turning.

Additionally, if you customize your car and raise or lower the chassis, your tires show noticeable wear.

Or, if something on the road, like a bump or pothole, causes you to suspect that your wheels may not be straight, you should check your wheel balancing and alignment.

Bring It To Us.

Make an appointment for tire servicing at your nearby VA Auto if you want to adjust your tire alignment.
To ensure that your tires steer straight and experience the least amount of wear, our skilled auto
service experts employ the most recent alignment technology.
To help you get your tires in top condition without going over budget, we’ll be transparent with
you about all of our work and prices.
The price of a wheel alignment can change depending on the type of tires you have, as well as
the brand and model of your car.


Our Super Team

Our qualified tire specialists can help you with your wheel alignment service​ in Fairfax, Virginia.

One of the best methods to extend the life of your tires is to have proper wheel alignment.

We want to assist you in making the most of your tires because they can be a substantial investment.

Tires that are properly aligned not only help them last longer but also make driving safer, more fuel-efficient, and more manageable.

Schedule a visit with VA Auto Service, and one of our skilled mechanics will give you advice tailored to your vehicle.