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A seized engine can be caused by several problems, from a lack of oil to rusted pistons, but it’s one of the most challenging problems to cure because it can cause significant damage.
With the least hassle possible, our mechanics and specialists can disassemble your engine and
identify the issue

Let the professionals
take care of it.

All forms of car engine repairs in Fairfax, Virginia, are something their professionals are skilled at. Additionally, they frequently manage large repair expenditures without compromising dependability or quality.

In fact, not every internal engine issue calls for an engine replacement. Timing chains, oil pumps, camshafts, valve jobs, and other engine repairs are all things the mechanics at engine repair shops near me, like VA auto service, are skilled in fixing.

Additionally, we will be able to suggest an engine repair that will address your issue and be more cost-effective.

Car Service

We Can Do It All!

We provide thorough car engine repair services and will try our best to get your engine running normally again once it seizes.

Your engine can sustain a lot of damage over time, and there are instances when having it rebuilt is preferable to having it repaired.

Our experts and technicians will rebuild your engine to be on par with or better than brand-new. When requesting car engine repairs in Fairfax, Virginia, from VA Auto Service, please keep in mind that some cases of engine seizure are so severe that it may be less expensive to buy a new engine than to repair it.

No matter who performs it, engine maintenance or replacement is not enjoyable and will likely cost more money than you would like to spend. However, if you bring your vehicle to VA Auto Service, you can be confident that they will fix your engine correctly, fairly, and quickly.

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